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The Hammock Man is the sole distributor of Mayan handmade hammocks from Mexico. Sending you a piece of paradise anywhere in South Africa


Please see a list of commonly asked questions. If you cannot find your answer here, please feel free to contact The Hammock Man.

Q: Are there any shipping costs?

There are no additional charges for shipping using ordinary post counter-to-counter any where in South Africa. This service takes 5-7 working days and you will receive all the tracking information once the hammock has been sent.

If you need your hammock sooner, say for Christmas or birthdays, we can send your hammock using either a door-to-door courier service or speed services counter-to-counter through the post office. These services are charged as follows;

Speed Services 4 day counter-to-counter - R80

Courier Service door-to-door - R180


Q: What are the colour options?

Our Mayan hammocks come in a variety of striped colour themes - Aqua, Earth, Sun or solid natural cream. Because they are all hand made, the multi-coloured hammocks all have slight variations. When you choose your colour, you must specify your theme preference and we will match it as best we can.

Our Ticket to the Moon parachute hammocks come in a variety of colours.  Singles and doubles come in two colours – army green/khaki or navy blue/grey or burgundy/gold.  The King TTTM hammocks come in one colour – army green or navy blue or light grey.


Q: How do I attach my hammock?

1) If it is indoors and to be attached to the wall, then you will require 2 eye bolts, 2 raw plugs (to fit the eye bolts) and rope (any boating or mountaineering rope will do - as long as it holds 500kg).  The rope will go through the eye bolts and attach to each end of the hammock.




2) If it is used outdoors, then only the rope is required.  Usually we recommend 2 x 5m lengths, so that most tree spans can be accommodated.




Our Ticket to the Moon parachute hammocks come with stainless steel hooks, to which you attach your rope.  The rope then attaches to the trees or eye bolts.




Our Mayan/Mexican hammocks have strong loops at each end, which the rope can be attached to. Alternatively you can purchase 2 'S' hooks from any DIY store, which attach to the ends of the Mayan hammock and the rope.



Q: What are hammocks made of?

The body of the Mayan hammocks is handwoven from 100% cotton, which gives superior comfort especially in hot, humid weather. The endstrings are nylon for greater strength.

The Ticket to the Moon hammocks are made from high grade strong parachute silk, triple stitched.  They also come with stainless steel hooks.


Q: How long will it last?

With common sense care, your hammock should last for many years. They should not be left outdoors for long, especially in the rain or direct sunlight. Cut, broken or burned cords can be repaired by knotting the ends.


Q: What are the difference sizes?

The single hammock is perfect for one person and great to pack for camping. The double hammock is spacious for a single person and can sleep two, this can also be used as a couch to sit in. The king hammock will sleep two easily and seat as many as you can fit into it ( 6+ for the Mayan hammocks!), and is ideal for indoor use as a couch, a bed, or anything else you can think of. It's great to take with you when you go camping or picnicking, for sleeping and lounging.


Q: Are they washable?

Yes, grasp each end loop and stretch the hammock to its full length. Bind the end cords and body at about six inch intervals to keep them from tangling. Put into a pillow case and put into the washing machine, alone with mild detergent and cold water.

All Ticket to the Moon parachute hammocks and other TTTM products are machine washable in 30°C water.


Q: How should it be hung?

There are many ways to hang a hammock and it depends on the surface or object you are hanging from. For concrete, a good method is to secure eye screws by drilling into the concrete, and then use spring hooks to attach the hammock loops to. If the space is too wide, use additional ropes to bridge the gap between the surface and the hammock. For wood surfaces, the same method can be used, using specific eye screws for wood.


Q: How do you use it?

For sleeping, lie diagonally to the long axis of the hammock. This allows you to lie flat and supports your body horizontally to the ground, with no bowing of your back as in other hammocks.


Q: Can you fall out in your sleep?

Not likely. The crosswise, or diagonal position in the hammock means that no matter how restless you roll or toss and turn in your sleep you will have plenty of hammock material stretching over your sides. Since these hammocks do not use spread bars, they are not tippy and will not flip you onto the ground like regular flat spread bar hammock.


Q: How do you store it?

To store your Mayan hammock, grasp end loops and twist each end in opposite directions until the entire length of the hammock is twisted tightly. You can do this alone - with one loop attached to the hanger - or with a partner. When it is twisted, hold it above your head, so that it is clear of the ground and it will spin and wrap around itself like skein of knitting yarn. You can then hang it by the end loops from one hook ( if it is indoors ) or tie with cord in a couple of places, tuck in end loops and store.  Ideally, store the hammock in the free bag the accompanies the purchase of your Mayan hammock.

To store your Ticket to the Moon parachute hammock, simply stuff into the small integral pouch and away you go!