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The Hammock Man is the sole distributor of Mayan handmade hammocks from Mexico. Sending you a piece of paradise anywhere in South Africa

TTTM Corporate Responsibility

Ticket To The Moon & Corporate Social Responsibility

It is important to us to offer original products that you will enjoy using, but we also aim to raise awareness of larger global challenges such as sustainability and fair trade production issues, while respecting local social structures and the Indonesian culture.

At TTTM, there is absolutely no child labor. Our honest, humane, fair trade corporate values mean all staff enjoy proper working conditions with social security, a pension, and a basic salary that is far higher than the minimum salary. They only work five and a half 8-hour days per week, setting our company apart from most others and bonding workers into a unique social community. Since TTTM’s establishment in 1996, nobody has ever left the company despite attempts by copycats to lure them away.

Please have a look inside the factory and headquarter of Bali, Indonesia.

Minimizing our Corporate Footprint

By using local materials and investing in innovative recycling methods, we aim to have a minimal impact on the environment. Any spare fabric left over after our unique products have been cut is turned into new merchandise like eco-friendly bags and backpacks. Our ongoing urge to minimize waste engendered the motto:  “No. No plastic bags, please!”

We Care, Nothing is Left to Waste!